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Ramakrishna Siksha Parisad is affiliated to the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. It is located on the upper ridge of Darjeeling town. near Raj Bhawan. The School got its recognisation as Second. ary School in 1949 and as Higher Secondary in .1984. At present, the school has Science, Commerce and Arts Streams in H. S. level including Computer Application as one of the subjects, recognised by the Council of Higher Secondary Education W. B. In year 2008 the School Management introduces Vocational Courses in class Vlll+(CIass VIII passed) and X+II (School Final pass or equivalent)H, S. Section. The West Bengal State Council of Vacational Education and Training as provisionally recognised Vocational Subjects like Computer Assembly & Maintenance (CAAM) and Compost & Vermi Compost (CAVC)‘ for Class X+Il (H.S.) vide Council Memo No. WBSCVE & T/AFFILIATION/2008-2010/HSW/428, dated 29-06-2008. This is a 2 (TWO) year'course equivalent to any other Higher Secondary Courses. During these. two years students will have to take first and second language'and other subjects related to Computer Maintenance.

For class VIII+Ievel the Council vide Memo No. WBCVTE&T/ AFFILlATION/2008-2009/CSC/428A, dated 29.7.2008, 6 (Six) months each course has been recognised for the subjects like Electrical House Wiring and Motor Winding (EHMW), Silk Screen Printing (SSRP) and Telephone & Mobile Set Repairing (TMSR).

Historical Background

Ramakrishna Siksha Parisad was founded by Swami Prabuddhananda in 1944. Born at Sylhat Assam in a lower middle class sutradhar Bengali family, his real name was Narendra Sutradhar. Swamiji was a bright student and obtained scholorship in Primary and Entrance Exams. He joined M. C. College as a student of 1st year Science. But at the call of “Purna Swaraj” given by lndian National Congress, Narendra Sutradhar left college in 1930 and joined politics, but one day the speech of Swami Vivekananda brought about a change in his life, and he decided to dedicate his life for the downtrodden people. Narendra came to Darjeeling in 1930 and joined Darjeeling Vedanta Ashram started by Swami Avedananda a disciple of Swami Vivekananda. In the Ashram he started teaching in the primary section. it was this time that he came in contact with the local people who were very poor and needy.

In 1944 Swami Prabhudananda started his own school at Bara Kak .Jhora near Victoria Falls. One night the school caught fire and turned it into ashes. But he did not loose his heart, he shifted the school to Emerald Bank near Mayapuri. But due to financial crisis he had to shift the school again to White Hall near Tonga Road. From White Hall the school was again shifted to present Woodbine Villa near Rajbhawan. where Boy’s Section was installed. Swamiji did not live to see his Sardeswari, the Girls Section which was shifted to present build at Hermitage. Swamiji left for his heavenly abode in the night of 29th May 1952. We at Ramakrishna Siksha Parisad is always guided by his'philosophy of helping the underprivilegedsection of our society for their all round development.

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