School Regulations

School Uniform

1) School uniform should be porperly worn with shoes polished, hair tidy well groomed.

2) General uniform of the school for school days and on formal occassions are -

  • (a) Blank trousers
  • (b) Sky-blue shirts
  • (c) School tie
  • (d) Grey pullovers with school monogram
  • (e) Black lace-fig shoes and navy blue socks
  • (f) Blue Slazer for Class Xl and Xll

3) To maintain the uniformity of shade and quality all items of uniform should be made from authorised outfitters.

4) Students who do not come to school in full uniform will not be allowed to attend classes.

School Fees

1) Student in special language classes must pay a special language fee as determined by the tutor.

2) Each student is issued a copy of school diary at the beginning of the year. A new one should be purchased immediately if it is lost or defaced against Rs. 50/-.

School Discipline

(1) Students areto be very punctual to school and on one is allowed to leave the school during school hour, Without the permission of the Headmaster with prior request in writing from Parents/ Guardians. Late comers are liable to be sent home.

(2) Student must have 85% attendance at school to be eligible to sit fortheir annual examination.

(3) Home work must be completed and lessons throughly prepared.

(4) Without the prior consent of the Headmaster, Parents . Guardians are not permitted to visit their children and to have discussion with the school staff.

(5) Absentees must come to school with a leave note duly signed by their Parent/Guardian. HoWever, if any student remains absent for more than a week‘due to on medical ground, he should produce medical certificate along with the note duly signed by his Parent/Guardian.

(6) lndiscipline in any form or manner shall not be tolerated. The school authorities reserve the right tosuspend or expel a student whose conduct or general behaviour is not Satisfactory.

(7) Students must take care of the school property. Anyone found guilty of damaging furniture, library books, laboratory instruments etc. shall be very severely dealt with. Writing on the walls and furniture are strictly forbidden. Disciplinary action shall be taken against offenders.

(8) Applications are not accepted for admissions.

(9) A student failing twice in the same class will not be allowed to continue his studies in same class.

For Parents / Guardians

1) Parents/ Guardians are requested to sign the students unit test report and also their regularity record giving reasons for their children’s absence. They are also requested to cheCk their ward’s diary regualary as school authorities may send occassional remarks through this dairy. Parents arealso requested to kindly give their specimen signatures with which they will be Signing the reports.

2) Parents/Guardians are requested to be present in the School whenever school authorities ask them to do so for Parents/Guardians meeting.

3) No books, periodicals, pictures, ”newspapers, CDS & DVDS, mobile phones, i-pods, shall be brought into the school without the permission of the Principal.

4) All damage to school property, must be remedied at the cost of the offender.

5) Anyone involved in fights, drugs/alcohol, smoking and stealing etc. will icur automatic expulsion immediately. The same is applicable for those who run awy from the school.

6) Bikes are not allowed to be used for transportation by the students if found the same will be can confiscated by school

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